The Casa da Nobile Macinaghi-Mantegazza does not stand out for its sumptuousness or magnificence but rather for the sober elegance of its spaces, restored, cared for, furnished and preserved with passion and love by creators of this place, Ludovica and Carlo. Indoor you can find two large halls, outdoor a huge park where you can enjoy and appreciate the special atmosphere created by the homeowners who, in the span of thirty years have, meticulously, piece by piece, transformed an abandoned place in a house full of history, charm, atmosphere and elegance. The Inn offers a unique location for many events: parties, weddings, seminaries, and workshops. The two wide halls, with high wooden ceilings and typical “Lombardy Cotto tile” paved floors, and “Osvaldo grandpa”’s paintings will provide a unique atmosphere for every occasion. The same can certainly be said of the large garden, more than 2500 square meters overlooked by the premises. Following the destruction of the old 18-century park by the peasants who lived in the house for decades and used it as a field for cultivation, the park as it is now has been created by the present owners. The more distinctive feature of the garden is undoubtedly represented by the presence of more than 60 citrus plants in terracotta pots. Carlo is taking care of these magnificent and colourful plants, rich in scented fruits and flowers. He lovingly waters, prunes and nourishes the plants personally. Finally, he produces excellent marmalades with their naturally grown fruits. All the spaces may be used and adapted according to the requirements of the different activities or ceremonies to be held.