The Inn

A place close to what we need, and away from what we don’t need.

Casa Mantegazza

“Driving a bicolor Fiat, with a few friends, I followed the river to Abbiategrasso, and from there a little road that accompanies the Naviglio Grande for twenty kilometers until the Ticino, at the speed of twenty kilometers per hour, or by foot when we felt like it. It is a land filled with hunting ranches, villas, and large creeks of sand that reach the canal and are used as harbors where are moored long black rowboats… Country houses have been built along the water as the ones in Venice, but with geese, chicken and farm courtyards here. Some small stone humpback bridges in a vast, plain landscape with all of autumn’s colors. And I, I felt as if I were born again…” .

described Lodovico Terzi, a writer and a journalist, the land around the Naviglio Grande and the Ticino of Abbiategrasso during the sixties.

In the Ticino’s park, along the Naviglio’s banks, Cassinetta di Lugagnano, a few kilometers from Abbiategrasso has remained the same. In an ancient “noble house” a few rooms have been arranged as a bed and breakfast in order to welcome you during a trip, a vacation, to hike around or to rest out of the city after work.
From our B&B Locanda Lugagnano it is easy to join Milan, the Fiera di Rho and Malpensa Airport. It is also very convenient to take off for excursions and hikes around the Ticino, the Morimondo Abbey, Vigevano and Pavia until you reach the Lago Maggiore just by following the bike lane along the river